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Taking Indian magic all across the world Alternative medicine expert Dr Isaac Mathai explains why the ancient Indian healing system is so popular in the West

Taking Indian magic all across the world

Alternative medicine expert Dr Isaac Mathai explains why the ancient Indian healing system is so popular in the West
Jayanthi Madhukar
Posted On Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 12:57:49 AM
What do Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Bowles, have in common? It is an experience that Deepak Chopra, amongst many others, has raved about which Dr Isaac Mathai calls the Soukya Experience.
At the helm of  Soukhya Holistic Health and Ayurveda Treatment Centre, which got the Best Wellness Centre tag at the recent National Tourism Awards, Dr Mathai says, “I have always believed that the healing treatment should be person oriented and not system oriented. When a patient comes to me, a minimum of 1-3 hours is spent with them in order to provide a solution to make the person fit. Quality, honesty and integrity – all the three qualities are required when treating a patient. I am doing nothing new, it is ancient Indian magic at work,” says Dr Mathai.

Isaac Mathai comes from a family which had a tradition of homeopathic practice spanning four decades. After his M.R.C.H at London, he practiced in Europe for ten years before establishing the Bangalore Holistic Medical Centre in 1989. Soukya commenced operations in 2002 and has forged ahead since.  

Sprawled across 30 acres of land, Dr Mathai calls the place a huge organic farm with vegetables, fruits and herbs and where even certain oils are pressed. “We serve only freshly prepared ovo vegetarian food here. The fact is that years of urban stay kind of disconnects the person from nature. It takes two days at least to find the rhythm of this lifestyle. A lady from New York who owns a company there was stunned by the natural surroundings and the fact that there are so many birds and butterflies in our premises. She had never experienced this before and she is only 24 years!” People from 70 countries come to the centre for treatment, he adds.   

Handling celebrities is not something new for Dr. Mathai. And yet, he was impressed by the gracious and friendly ways of the Duchess of Cornwall. “It is a known fact that Prince Charles is devoted to Integrative medicine. When we met in London, Camilla Bowles showed interest and decided to come here before the Common Wealth Games. At Soukya, she had a down-to-earth attitude and mingled with other residents. Before leaving, she personally thanked the staff including the gardener. After I dropped her at the airport, I received a call from her asking to speak to my driver as she had forgotten to thank him!” says Dr Mathai.  And the best part is that she was so impressed by the experience that she plans to come back again informs Dr Mathai.

He says that he has been giving back to the society in his own way. “I have charitable clinics in and around Bangalore to treat patients at no cost at all. Medical attention is provided to slum children for free.”

“Internationally, Indian traditional medicine has been acknowledged and this makes me very happy. I am, after all, a proud Indian,” signs off Dr Mathai.

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